Venice Finally

Canal from Accademia Bridge

Yesterday was my birthday. Yup, 50 is here. But it’s not so bad because I am in VENICE!

Ron and I hold hands and stroll along the canals. We eat canal-side meals. We scarf Pizza Margherita with amazing thin and perfect crust. You know the kind, crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.

We take things in slowly. One major attraction a day, with time left over for wandering aimlessly along small canals, writing, and all-important napping.


I’ve always wanted to come here. The idea of strolling past 16th century buildings, riding boats up narrow canals, and analyzing the differences between renaissance and baroque architecture captured my imagination.

But somehow getting here has never worked out.

Sometimes I thought it never would.

Ron and I almost came to Venice 13 years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary. But then we bought a crumbling house on a Maine island and had to put all of our disposable income toward renovations…

I’ve also been waiting for Lindsey to go off to college because Venice was a trip I wanted to take as a couple—just Ron and I. My mental picture of me in Venice had Ron and I strolling, holding hands, nuzzling on a gondola, nibbling toothy pasta in a canal-side restaurant.

There was no room for a third person in any of those scenes. Especially not a third person whose primary interest would be shopping in H&M. (I like H&M, I even shop there myself. But when I travel to other countries, I try to stay out of stores we also have at home.)

We always could have left Lindsey with a friend. But if we had, I would have never felt comfortable being gone for more than a week. And if we ever did make it to Venice, I wanted to be able to stay longer. I wanted to be able to take our time and experience what being in Venice feels like—without having to sprint from attraction to attraction.

So we waited.

I worried if Venice would even still be there by the time I got to go. It will be too crowded before I get there, I thought. It’s going to sink—or flood—and then it will be too late…

But the time still wasn’t right. So we waited some more.

Finally, pay off arrived. Lindsey went off to college. And now here we are, Ron and I, alone in Venice, for TEN days.

Venice Doorway

So what did I get for my wait? I’m getting to do exactly what I want—at the pace I want to do it at. And for that I’m really grateful.

I should probably take note and try harder to be more patient in the future. Sometimes things do work out the way you want them to.


  1. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!..

    • We just got back from that magical city! Get to the Bienalle (giardini site especially) and the newly renovated customs house (now a museum designed by Tadao Ando). Let me know if you want (need) restaurant suggestions as I have many! And ohhhh, to make a crust like that….
      Nice to see sun in your picture as we only saw grey skies….

      • We are running out of time 🙁
        I wish I’d know you’d just been here so I could have gotten all the info from you up front. For now on I’m posting in advance before I travel to ask for recommendations.

    • xxo

  2. Lovely, written at a Venice pace… I was there in my late 20’s, have wonderful memories…

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