Surprise Gargoyles at Seville Cathedral

gargoyles seville

Gargoyles! I LOVE gargoyles.

I knew that Seville Cathedral, also called The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, was a gothic cathedral, but somehow I hadn’t expected to see gargoyles in Spain.

France, mais oui. The French have gargoyles pretty much everywhere. But Spain? I never even considered that it too would have gothic architecture, and thus: GARGOYLES!

(And yes, I am shouting on purpose.)

How silly of me not to have known.

Just look at those small, moss-covered faces, beady eyes, and gaping mouths. They’re like abandoned kittens. Scroungy but so very lovable. I want to take them home and feed them warm milk.

gargoyles seville

Wouldn’t they make cool pets? (If they were alive, of course.)

My favorite part of traveling is surprises like this. Stumbling onto something that delights you that you never expected to see. It feels like being let in on a very special and well-kept secret.



  1. Rick Howington says:

    I’ve been to the Cathedral in Seville and it is AMAZING! Next time I will pay more attention to the gargoyles! 🙂

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