Spam Scam?

(Continuing to read Bridget Jones and thus write like her.)

Reviewing comments on blog. One from Sylvia Sanchez about baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with kids after school. Didn’t recognize name, but no Russian characters, offer of cheap Uggs, mention of erectile dysfunction or other telltale indicator of spam, so thought, “How nice.”

Clicked on Sylvia’s Facebook link to figure out who she is. Found profile photo of sexy woman, looking drugged and in heat—much in manner of Victoria’s Secret model. Backdrop behind woman was not kitchen or garden as expected—but Sahara dessert. Says went to Harvard and works for L’Oreal. No photos of kids at playground or soccer games. Definitely does not mesh with image of Mom baking cookies implied in post.

Now suspect scam, though not sure what. If anyone knows, please clue me in. Or if anyone knows Sylvia and she is real person who both bakes and is sex kitten, please tell me so I can apologize.


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