Sorry No Chowder

Saturday night was the The Ladies Auxiliary Annual Chowder Cook Off at the American Legion here on Peaks Island. My plan was to sample chowder and snap photos, but I never made it out of the house. Ron and I got too comfortable watching movies and golf and basketball. By the time I remembered the Cook Off it was too late–all the chowder would have been gone.

So all I have to share is this very unexciting photo of my breakfast on Sunday. Not even a caper or sprinkle of chive to add a little visual interest. Very indicative of how uneventful and quiet my life has been lately.

Part of me feels lazy and guilty that I didn’t make it out of my house Saturday evening. But another side of me is very content just to sit here with Ron. Forever maybe. Turns out that empty nesting may lack excitement, but really, it isn’t bad at all.

Hope I feel more ambitious by Monday so I can get my work done.

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