Show Your True Colors

Yes, it’s a lime green house. Peaks Islanders aren’t afraid of color. This particular home was built around 1820 and is one of the oldest structures still standing on the island.

I think the reason islanders are so bold with color is because so many of them are artists.

Or maybe it reflects their passion and independent thinking. These are two of the best qualities that islanders as a group possess–unless you need everyone to come to agreement on something.


  1. These houses are beautiful. So welcoming and whimsical. I wonder if the interiors are as striking!


  1. […] sure if this color is for the front door, the trim, or for the house itself. There are a lot of boldly painted houses on the island, but any of these colors would certainly raise the […]

  2. […] highlight of the four-mile walk around the perimeter of the island. It’s even better than the chartreuse […]

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