Searching for Patrick Dempsey

Los Angeles Canyon Walk


A final greeting from Los Angeles.

Ron and Lindsey went on a walk through the canyon this morning. When they returned, Lindsey said they saw Patrick Dempsey on the trail. Patrick was walking a pair of big dogs.

Ron concurred, so I believed them. This is Los Angeles, so it’s entirely plausible that they might have seen Patrick Dempsey.

Then Ron said they also saw Samuel L. Jackson. And Cate Blanchet. Ron’s eyes danced as he told me this and his hands gestured wildly. This tipped me off that he was probably lying.

When I questioned him, he became indignant.

“Yes we did,” he said. “We saw Samuel L. Jackson and also Sarah Palin. Sarah was yelling at everyone. ‘Move to the right,’ she said. ‘Move to the right.’”

Perhaps they didn’t really see Patrick Dempsey either.

Lindsey was hoping to spot more famous people, so later in the day we took a stroll by the prescription pick-up at CVS. That’s where we ran into one of the stars from Pretty Little Liars last time we were here. Today we struck out, but we may go back tomorrow. Laugh all you want, but if you think about it, it makes sense. If there is one thing the grocery store tabloids have taught me, it’s that the stars need their drugs.



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