Lobster Buoys

Every Maine lobsterman (or woman) has their own unique color scheme for their buoys–this is how they identify whose traps are whose.

Every buoy marks the location of a lobster trap that sits on the bottom of the ocean below the buoy.

In late summer, when the lobsters are most active, there are tons of buoys in the water.

Even when a buoy gets lost in a storm–no matter where it washes up–it remains the legal property of the lobsterman. That’s why people who collect the lobster buoys that wash up on the beach display them outdoors. They are required by law to leave the buoys where the lobsterman could potentially find them and reclaim them.


  1. Love the photos! Very rich color.

    • lisa sinicki says:

      An unexpected result of blogging is that I’m really enjoying taking the photos. I’m planning to purchase a real camera instead of my point-and-shoot. Will be reaching out to you for advice. I so envy your eye. (See Dawn’s images at http://www.shoot+scrawl.com)

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