I Got Served (Not)

In case you are wondering how the system of delivering a subpoena works on the island, the answer is—Not that well.

The serving—or non-serving—of my recent subpoena went like this:

On Wednesday morning I got a call.

Sheriff: Is this Lisa Sinicki? This is Officer B from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office.

Me: (to myself) Oh no! Someone’s been hurt. Or robbed. Or both. I looked for Ron, who had left for work at the ice cream store hours earlier. I thought of Lindsey who was away with friends. I my heart accelerated.

Sheriff: I have a subpoena to deliver to you.

Me: (to myself) ?&%*G????V$$!!!!????

Sheriff: I was wondering if you were coming to town anytime soon.

Me: What?

Sheriff: I can’t get out to the island until Monday to serve you because I’m going out of town. I was hoping you were coming into Portland.

Me: I’m not coming into Portland until next week.

Sheriff: Ok. Well here is the lawyer’s phone number. You can call him and maybe he can get the information over to you. I’ll call you Monday when I get back.

I called the lawyer and got the information. It turned out that one of my former clients was involved in a lawsuit with one of their former employees. I called my lawyer and started fulfilling the “requests” outlined on the subpoena.

Monday rolled around and I didn’t hear from the Sheriff.

On Tuesday, my lawyer and I finalized and submit our response to the subpoena. Still now word from the Sheriff.

No word from the Sheriff Wednesday.

No word Thursday.

Thursday afternoon I learned that the lawsuit had been settled.

It is now Sunday and I still haven’t been officially served.

Did the Sheriff forget me? Or is it just too much trouble to take the ferry out to Peaks Island?

I’ll probably never know.


  1. The Sheriff has the right idea: vacation over pesky work details. We could all take a lesson!

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