There’s Halloween–and then there’s Helloween.

For those of you who’ve never been to Halloween on Peaks Island–the thing you need to know is that the must-visit house is the home of Scott and Nancy Nash. Every year Scott, Nancy, and an army of their friends apply a combination of artistic talent and tongue-in-cheek humor–to turn the Nash front yard into a Halloween theme experience.

This year, the theme was Helloween.

B. Ellze Bub, Senior Acquisitions Officer met me at the street and handed me his business card. “Would you like to set up an appointment?” he asked.

Next, I met with Lucifer, who enticed me to sign some sort of contract.

I danced with demons.

Played a game of Infernal Ring Toss.

Avoided the glowing head.

And admired the various illuminated props.

Before I left, I ate two red hot dogs.  And by red, I mean two of the neon-almost-pink red hot dogs we have here in Maine. (If you think I’m exaggerating about the color, click here for third party validation: http://erincooks.com/red-hot-dogs/ ) Evidentially that’s what they eat in hell.



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