Change In the Wind

I’m baaaaacccckkkk!

Hi everyone—and happy belated New Year from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mexico? you ask.

Yes, Mexico. The trip to Spain and Portugal that Ron and I had been planning for the past year got postponed…

And did I mention that Ron and I will be moving to Decatur, Georgia in the fall.

It’s been a month since my last post and my life has definitely taken a sharp turn in a new direction since then. I feel like Fabio in that MetLife commercial. The one where he pilots a gondola under a bridge—emerges out the other side a haggard old man.

Yes, Fabio, life does come at you fast.

So how did we end up in Mexico? That change of plan is the result of our daughter, Lindsey, deciding to change study abroad programs. Mid-December she was in Alicante, Spain—and now she’s here, in Oaxaca, for spring semester. Ron and I shifted our own plans accordingly. No point going to Spain to visit someone who had moved on to Mexico.

Of course, making the change last minute was a little stressful. Lindsey had to move fast to find a new program and get registered in time to start classes in January. Plus, CIEE, the organization that sponsored Lindsey’s Spain program caused us all some unnecessary anguish. I would definitely never work with them again. (If anyone wants the details on that, shoot me an email and I’ll share.)

So that explains Mexico. But what about Georgia? you ask.

That one came up fast too. I was sitting at my desk one morning when I was overcome by an intense desire to move to Decatur. It’s a cute town in Atlanta with everything a Maine islander could ever covet—mild winters, access to great food without requiring a ferry, a schedule of Broadway touring companies that perform for more than a single night before moving on, access to an airport where you can fly almost anywhere without connecting.

Ron had planned to give up the ice cream store after this summer anyway, so we flew to Atlanta mid-December and looked at property. Our first pick turned out to be a lemon, so when a second and much-better-for-us property came on the market in early January, we pounced. My cousin, Shannon, who lives in Decatur conducted an online property tour via Skype for us and, as of Monday of this week, we are under contract.

Lots to do when I get home, but for now, I’m going to focus on Oaxaca.



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