Buzzing Into Spring

I know. The title is way too cute. I apologize for that.

Anyway, I am beside myself with joy over the early arrival of spring in Maine this year. Last week we had 70-degree weather and my crocuses were in bloom.

When I went outside to rake up the garden, I was distracted by the honey bees in said crocuses. So I put on my 40mm close-up lens and stuck my camera right up to the bee.

Do I know how to procrastinate or what?





  1. Love the pictures! Great colors! It looked like the bee was posing for you. You are quite brave having no fear of getting stung! Glad you procrastinated because you succeeded in capturing that busy bee even if you avoided being one at “work”.

  2. Wow! You are really killing it with your new camera and photo skills!

  3. Susan Hanley says:

    Amazing photos! You could sell these professionally! Query National Geographic.

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