Missed The Boat Again

Hi, I’m Lisa. For my new friends, this should bring you right up to speed on the last 50 years of my life:

I live in Decatur, GA with my husband Ron. We are empty nesters. We used to live on an island off the coast of Portland, Maine, where Ron owned the ice cream and candy store. It was hard to give up access to our own soft serve machine, but it was time.

I’m a new-aholic. I love to start new projects, learn new skills, try new cuisines, travel to new places.

I’m writing a book. And Then We Ate Gouda: Scenes from a Cheese-Filled Life is a celebration of the foods and flavors that punctuate our lives and memories. Who would have known that a single square of American sandwiched between two slices of Wonder Bread and spread with margarine would launch a lifetime of love, adventure, cheese, and cheese-love? At this point, I’m getting ready to pitch agents.

I earn my living as a content marketer and publicist. You can read more about this on my LinkedIn page (link).